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Holidaying with Foster Dogs

Woody and i have been fostering for spaniel aid since the beginning of 2019. We’ve welcomed 3 foster dogs into our home since joining and have travelled frequently with all of them. Whether it’s travelling to pick them up, taking them on holiday with us or dropping them…read more

Published 14th Sep 2019

The Dog Friendly Guide to Walking in the Countryside

Walking in the countryside is idyllic, calm and rejuvenating. It’s a great way to get back to nature. Thousands of families choose to holiday in the uk each year, many flocking to our beautiful rural towns and villages. If you’re planning a trip to the countryside with …read more

Published 3rd Sep 2019

Tips for Travelling with Multiple Dogs

Dog friendly holidays are the highlight of many owners’ summers, even more so when you’re travelling with friends! I frequently take trips away with friends and family, of course that means their dogs come too. It can be tricky holidaying with multiple dogs, particularl…read more

Published 4th Aug 2019

Seven Dog Friendly Visitor Attractions in Northumberland

Dogs love taking in the sights and smells of new places and northumberland has so much to offer for you and your dog.   from majestic castles and cultural hot spots to rolling hills and stunning parks that pay a spectacular tribute to the region’s mining past, there’s p…read more

Published 31st Jul 2019

Rescue Dog or Puppy: How to Choose What’s Best for Your Family

Welcoming a dog into your world for the first time is a wonderful thing and with so many dogs needing homes, adopting a dog is something many of us want to do. However some people prefer the idea of having a puppy so they know their full history.   here pet journalist a…read more

Published 31st Jul 2019

How to Hike with Your Dog

Hiking is a fantastic activity to enjoy with your dog. You can hike throughout the year and all weathers. Not only is it fantastic exercise for both you and your dog, it’s also a great way to build a lasting bond together. With the added bonus of spectacular views, what…read more

Published 27th Jul 2019

Dog Friendly Things to do in the Countryside

The countryside is a fantastic place to explore with your dog. There are so many dog friendly things you can do together! If walking is getting a little repetitive, why not switch up your routine and give one of these dog friendly activities a go?   woody and i love exp…read more

Published 19th Jul 2019

Five Dog Friendly Places You Must Visit in Northumberland

Northumberland is famous for having more castles than any other county making it the pawfect destination for pups that are used to being treated like royalty.   the north east also has more than 30 miles of stunning beaches plus breathtaking forests, woodlands, parks an…read more

Published 19th Jul 2019