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A message from Josh

"what a strange old time it’s been for us all. We know many of you are ready for a well-deserved getaway... "read more

Published 4th Jul 2020
Dog walking holiday in Lake District National Park

Where to Find Wide Open Spaces to Walk Your Dog

If you need to stretch your legs further than a short stroll to your local park, there are loads of wide-open spaces where you can walk your dog in this country. We’re very lucky in the uk to have so many large public areas, as well as the freedom to roam and very cheap…read more

Published 4th Jul 2020
remote dog friendly retreat in Norfolk

Stay Safe at These Remote Dog Friendly Retreats

Get ready for holiday adventures with your dog this summer as self-catering businesses receive the green light to open their doors to guests. As the government continues to lift restrictions, we’re finally allowed to travel away for overnight stays. This is great news f…read more

Published 19th Jun 2020
Luxury Dog Friendly Cottage Essex

How About These Luxury Dog-Friendly Cottages for a Post-Lockdown Treat?

We’re all going to deserve a big treat when we come out of this crisis. We’ve been stuck at home for far too long. So when travel restrictions start to lift at the beginning of july, many of us will want to get away somewhere extra special with our dogs. Luckily, we hav…read more

Published 1st Jun 2020
Dog friendly holiday in lake district

Bucket List Destinations to Visit With Your Dog After Lockdown

Social distancing measures may have eased but we’ll be restricted to dog walks in our local area for a little while longer. While we wait for the pandemic to pass, it’s good to dream about all the wonderful places we can visit once we’re allowed to travel again. With so…read more

Published 12th May 2020
Best films to watch with your dog

Top 10 Films to Watch With Your Dog During Lockdown

Dog owners will love this countdown of the top ten films to watch with your dog during lockdown. Among this list are some real gems, including recent canine capers and some absolute classics. Featuring a-list actors and loveable dog stars, these movies entertain, enthra…read more

Published 24th Apr 2020

How to Keep Dogs Entertained Indoors

One of the best things about having dogs is all the walks and outdoor adventures you get to experience together. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep dogs entertained indoors. In fact, it’s an important skill for any dog to learn and practice regularly…read more

Published 5th Apr 2020

How to Cope in Lockdown with Dogs

At the time of writing this post, the uk is currently in lockdown due to to the spread of coronavirus. In an effort to ease the strain on the nhs and prevent as many deaths as possible, residents are being asked to dramatically reduce their day to day movements and are …read more

Published 2nd Apr 2020