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walking the dog in the snow

The Snowiest Places in the UK for a Winter Break With Your Dog

If you’ve been dreaming of escaping to a winter wonderland with your best friend this year, then we’ve got just the guide for you. Compiled with all the top places for unforgettable getaways, we’ve found the snowiest places in the uk for you to enjoy a winter break with…read more

Published 12th Oct 2021
Couple on a romantic winter break with a dog

Cosy Cottages for Two (Plus Dog) for a Romantic Winter Break

If you want to escape for a romantic winter break but can’t bear to be parted from your pet, a dog-friendly cottage may be the answer. Not only are they cosy, comfortable and convenient, but, unlike other accommodation options, your pooch will be as welcome as you are. …read more

Published 8th Oct 2021

Keeping Dogs Safe in the Colder Months

We are all used to the warnings on keeping your dog safe through the hot summer months but it’s also essential to make sure you and your dog are prepared for a happy and safe winter. To see you through the colder months we have compiled our top tips on things to watch o…read more

Published 5th Oct 2021
Walking the dog on a winter family holiday

The Best UK Winter Holiday Destinations for Dog Lovers

Winter is the season for charging across misty fields, splashing in muddy puddles and hopping through the snow – and dogs love it, too. We’ve sourced dog-friendly destinations around the uk where pups can enjoy the surroundings, yet still be sure of a warm welcome. The …read more

Published 27th Sep 2021
dog friendly pub in devon

15 of the Finest Dog Friendly Pubs in Devon

Eating out in devon is a real treat, especially with your four-legged friend by your side. With an abundance of natural produce plucked from land and sea, many of the county’s eateries are able to source the freshest ingredients for the most flavoursome dishes imaginabl…read more

Published 17th Aug 2021
Large Family Gathering

Large Dog Friendly Holiday Homes in Devon for Family Gatherings

Spacious properties for extended families where dogs can come too from rambling countryside mansions to roomy coastal retreats, there are some amazing dog-friendly properties in devon where extended families can get together for a holiday. These spacious holiday homes a…read more

Published 13th Aug 2021

Top Tips to keep your dog cool in the summer

It’s easy to worry about how our furry friends are coping in sunshine and the summer heat, especially when us two-leggers are struggling ourselves. We reached out to our community of dog owners and experts to compile our list of ways to keep your pet cool as the tempera…read more

Published 26th Jul 2021
Dog friendly beaches in Devon

12 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Devon

There’s nothing better than watching your dog revel in the ecstasy of shoreside scamper. With their sandy paws, flapping tongue and wagging tail in overdrive, it’s a picture of sheer joy. And we totally feel it too. That’s because, in devon, beach days aren’t like anywh…read more

Published 21st Jul 2021