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How To Take a Mindful Dog Walk

Any good dog owner will walk their dog once or twice a day but did you know you could also use it as an opportunity to practice mindfulness?     what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the very simple practice of bringing your conscious awareness to the present moment, rath…read more

Published 25th Feb 2019

Visit the UKs Only Dog Friendly Motorway Services

If you are planning on bringing your dog on holiday with you to the south west of england this year, make sure you plan your rest stop to include the uk’s most dog-friendly motorway services.     a truly dog friendly rest stop i stumbled across the hog and hedge by acci…read more

Published 25th Feb 2019

Three Surprising Health Benefits of Owning A Dog

Dogs undoubtedly bring an enormous amount of joy to people’s lives and are considered a family member by many but did you know your beloved four-legged friend is supporting your mental health and wellbeing on a physiological, mental and emotional level too?     the obvi…read more

Published 25th Feb 2019

Our Favourite Dog Friendly Pubs in Cornwall

Pubs are great place to meet the locals, enjoy a pint or some live entertainment whilst on holiday or enjoying some downtime. Unlike some other more urban areas a lot of cornwall is very dog friendly. Pubs and restaurants regularly have outdoor spaces that welcome you a…read more

Published 7th Feb 2019

Are Beaches in Cornwall Dog Friendly?

Most of our canine pals love being alongside the sea, with sand between their paws winter, summer or anytime. Whether you’re a local or visiting beach wanderer it is important to understand where in cornwall your dog is and isn’t allowed to go, year round. We have tried…read more

Published 7th Feb 2019

The Best Cornwall Coast Path Walks for Dogs

Cornwall is such a perfect place to take canine friends out for long dog walk, come rain or shine, with so many options to choose from it’s almost a tricky decision where to head each day! The south west coast path is a very dog friendly stomping ground, but some routes…read more

Published 7th Feb 2019

The Dog Friendly Retreats Packing Guide

There’s so much to remember when planning a dog friendly holiday, from booking accommodation and travel, planning an itinerary and ensuring everyone is ready and raring to go. Despite our best intentions, we often leave packing to the last minute. With families and frie…read more

Published 7th Feb 2019

Holiday Advice for Nervous Dogs

Owning a nervous dog is an incredibly rewarding, yet often challenging experience. Many dog friendly holidays don’t account for the additional needs of nervous dogs, so finding accommodation and recommendations can be particularly frustrating. At dog friendly retreats w…read more

Published 7th Feb 2019