5 Reasons Why a Staycation with your Dog Is Still the Best idea

Staycation with your dog, UK

Wondering whether to stay at home or go abroad this summer? Since the world re-opened its doors, the chaos, strikes and crowds at airports and ferry ports have made overseas travel much more stressful. And most travel abroad means leaving the dog at home, adding dog sitting or kennels to the rising cost of your holiday. But with so many dog-friendly holiday cottages throughout the UK, why not opt for a staycation so that your four-legged friends can come too? With its long hours of daylight, warm weather and littering of stunning coastline and countryside to be explored, the UK should be top of the list of holiday destinations this year. 

Here are just a handful of reasons why: 

1: Less travel time and stress

Teeing up doggy daycare, the stress of getting to the airport on time, and facing long security queues and flight delays… all these make air travel a stressful proposition at the moment. However, when you choose a staycation, not only can you include your pet in the travel plan, you simply have to hop in the car at your leisure and travel a few hours to your holiday destination. No stress, no time pressures, and more time to relax when you get there. Plus, without the extra planning of air travel, it’s much easier to book last minute and there’s no need to keep up-to-the-minute with the ever-changing Covid rules.

2: The UK’s scenery is world class

Greek Islands, Caribbean beaches and European peaks might look amazing in the brochure, but the UK really does pack a punch when it comes down to stunning scenery, too. All of which can be explored on holiday adventures with your dog. From award-winning beaches and World Heritage coastlines, to sky-high hills and and rambling woodland, we’ve got it all. And in the summer months you’ve got hours and hours of daylight to enjoy the outdoor life in the UK. Make paw prints on the beach at sunrise, bask in the midday sun and climb a craggy peak to see the sunset… Whatever your pace or preference of adventure, you don’t have to travel beyond the UK to find it.

Dog on Dartmoor

3: A Staycation is better for the environment

The most eco-friendly way to travel is by electric car, but even a long car journey is better for the environment than hopping aboard a jet plane. The closer to home to spend your holiday, the more you can reduce your carbon footprint. And let’s face it, you don’t have to travel far to tap into some of the most amazing scenery the UK has to offer. In fact, nowhere in the UK is more than 72 miles from the coast and there are green spaces galore in whichever direction you head from home. Once you’re away, simple measures such as eating local seasonal food, recycling and walking or cycling to explore, all add up to a much greener holiday than going abroad. 

4: You’ll save money

Mushrooming flight prices, visas, airport parking, baggage charges, in-flight catering… you name it, there’s a charge for everything you do when you try and step foot outside the UK. And we’ve already mentioned the savings on a dog sitter or kennels. Whereas if you holiday in the UK, although you can’t avoid the rising fuel costs to get to wherever you’re going, once you’re there you’re left with much more money to enjoy yourself with. And with so many pet-friendly self-catering properties, you don’t have to splash out on eating out for every meal, leaving plenty of change for dog-friendly days out and all the holiday treats that take your fancy. 

Staycation with your dog, UK, car travel with dog

5: Car travel is easier than ferry travel with your dog

There are many things to take into consideration with ferry travel, such as the length of the crossing, your dog’s ability to settle in the car or onboard kennel, and whether the climate of your destination will be comfy for your furry friend. Then there are vaccinations, vet’s fees and pet passports to organise. However, if you choose a staycation with your dog, you’re free to go with ease, ‘paws’ for a pit stop on your journey whenever it suits you, stay in a pet-friendly pad already kitted out for holidays with your hound, plus your dog won’t need to adjust to a new climate.

Book a Dog-Friendly Staycation

With plenty of dog-friendly beaches, attractions and restaurants in the UK, going on holiday with your dog couldn’t be easier. Save yourself the hassle of travelling abroad. Find the perfect dog-friendly cottage for your staycation this year

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