Are Beaches in Cornwall Dog Friendly?

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Most of our canine pals love being alongside the sea, with sand between their paws winter, summer or anytime. Whether you’re a local or visiting beach wanderer it is important to understand where in Cornwall your dog is and isn’t allowed to go, year round. We have tried to help make it as simple as possible to understand…



What are the rules on dogs on the beach in Cornwall?

The rules vary by beach so it’s a coast of looking up what the rules are when you’re destined for a beach you will need to look up what their specific rules are, especially in the winter period which is typically from Easter Sunday where the ban applies but some have evening bans only and a few beaches dont’ ban dogs at all, it can all be very confusing. If you don’t check the rules and head onto a beach you can be subject to a fine of £80+.


Which Cornwall beaches have a dog ban?

There are a lot to list with varying rules. We tend to check in with the government website to double check live and up to date rules for each beach so we don’t get disappointed once we’ve loaded the car and made the journey to the beach with the dog.



Which beaches in Cornwall allow dogs year round?

Watergate Bay

As well as home to dog friendly hotel The Watergate Bay this is also a great spot for a year round walk on a long sandy beach. Make sure to check the tides before you set off as the beach is much smaller and sometimes in accessible at high tide.


Mexico Towans

One of the most spectacular, long stretches of beaches in Cornwall Mexico’s allows for great big open spaces for dogs that like some big open spaces to bound around or keep distance from others. It also means you can set up a spot on the beach away from other groups and families. Be warned though – the access to the beach is a fairly hefty trek down the steep dunes from the car park.




One of the most iconic and popular beaches in the summer, Fistral can be a great walking spot during the winter as well as a great place to take the family and the dog in summmer if you’re up for a busier spot with lots to do and see.



Seaton beach

Often busy but very family friendly beach this is a great beach to take the family and the dog along. Just make sure you’ve bought along enough water and access to shade.



There are lots of resources online to check if the destination Cornish beach you’re heading to is dog friendly. Just be sure the info you have accesses is the most up to date info. We find the Marine Conservation Society site helpful not only to check beaches near you and if they are dog friendly but also outlines local activities and other wildlife so you know more about where you are heading. Be sure if you’re heading out you always have provisions for your dog; water, blankets and food summer or winter.

Now you know which beaches to visit with your pooch, find the ideal dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall for your holiday.

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