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Dog friendly holiday in lake district

Bucket List Destinations to Visit With Your Dog After Lockdown

Social distancing measures may have eased but we’ll be restricted to dog walks in our local area for a little while longer. While we wait for the pandemic to pass, it’s good to dream about all the wonderful places we can visit once we’re allowed to travel again. With so…read more

Published 12th May 2020

A Dog Friendly Day in Looe, Cornwall

Looe is a popular harbour town in south east cornwall. It’s split into two parts, east and west looe, with bridges and ferries connecting them. Looe comes to life in the heat of summer, when tourists from across the uk visit with their families. It’s a lively town, with…read more

Published 20th Mar 2020
Dog enjoying a day out in Devon

Ten Best Dog Friendly Days Out in Devon

Devon needs little introduction as a first-class tourist destination. It’s one of the uk’s holiday hotspots, attracting millions of visitors to its beautiful beaches, coastal towns and glorious countryside each year. There are endless opportunities for fabulous things t…read more

Published 15th Mar 2020

Hiking the Dewerstone on Dartmoor, Devon

What is the dewerstone? Dewerstone rock is a popular crag in south west dartmoor. It’s named after dewer, who is thought to terrorise the moors at night with his pack of phantom hounds. Humans are believed to have settled at dewerstone rock from as early as the neolithi…read more

Published 5th Mar 2020

A Dog Friendly Day in Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay is a lively seaside town on the north coast of cornwall. Famed for its surf culture, vibrant community and easy transport links, it’s a popular place to visit. There’s plenty to see and do in newquay and today we thought we’d share our guide to the best walks, b…read more

Published 28th Feb 2020
dog friendly destinations in Norfolk

10 Must-See Dog-Friendly Destinations in Norfolk

Norfolk is a fantastic dog-friendly holiday destination. With its beautiful beaches, wonderful waterways, fantastic forests and first-class tourist attractions, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do with your pooch during your time away in norfolk. To help you ma…read more

Published 24th Feb 2020

Exploring Plymbridge Woods, Devon

It’s been pretty wet and miserable so far this year, which makes you reluctant to want to go out and explore new walks. I recently made the most of a gap in the storms to explore plymbridge woods in devon with my more

Published 17th Jan 2020

Dog Friendly UK Destinations to Visit

Are you looking for somewhere new to explore with your dog in 2020? We’ve compiled a list of a our top dog friendly uk destinations to give you some inspiration for your next holiday together!read more

Published 29th Dec 2019

A Dog Friendly Day in Falmouth

Falmouth is a vibrant, creative town with a rich maritime heritage. It attracts thousands of visitors each year and is incredibly dog friendly. There are reliable rail links from truro, as well as frequent buses and a park and float during the summer season. It’s a live…read more

Published 3rd Oct 2019

Dog Day at Jubilee Pool, Penzance

Jubilee pool is the largest seawater pool in the uk. Located in penzance, west cornwall, the pool has a capacity of up to 600 swimmers. It opened in in 1935, commemorating king george v’s silver jubilee. The pool itself was designed by captain f latham and is praised as…read more

Published 27th Sep 2019