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Top of the Dogs Favourite Music 1

Top of the Pups - Your Dog’s Favourite Musician Revealed!

Here at dog friendly retreats, we do everything we can to ensure that your family and your four-legged friends will have a fantastic time away in one of our properties. And then, like a frisbee to the face, it hit us. What music do dogs actually like listening to? Wheth…read more

Published 29th Sep 2020
Book ahead for 2021

Book Ahead for Summer 2021 - Dog Friendly Cottages Selling Fast

Dog-friendly cottages are quickly getting snapped up for summer 2021. In recent weeks, we’ve had a solid stream of bookings for holidays next year. Some popular dog-friendly destinations are already 50% booked for some weeks next august. If you’re thinking about getting…read more

Published 21st Aug 2020
Best films to watch with your dog

Top 10 Films to Watch With Your Dog During Lockdown

Dog owners will love this countdown of the top ten films to watch with your dog during lockdown. Among this list are some real gems, including recent canine capers and some absolute classics. Featuring a-list actors and loveable dog stars, these movies entertain, enthra…read more

Published 24th Apr 2020

How to Keep Dogs Entertained Indoors

One of the best things about having dogs is all the walks and outdoor adventures you get to experience together. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep dogs entertained indoors. In fact, it’s an important skill for any dog to learn and practice regularly…read more

Published 5th Apr 2020

How to Cope in Lockdown with Dogs

At the time of writing this post, the uk is currently in lockdown due to to the spread of coronavirus. In an effort to ease the strain on the nhs and prevent as many deaths as possible, residents are being asked to dramatically reduce their day to day movements and are …read more

Published 2nd Apr 2020
Dog Friendly Retreats Family Holidays Cornwall

How Coronavirus Impacts Your Dog Friendly Holiday Booking in 2020

Coronavirus has taken over our lives in recent weeks. The government has asked us to stay indoors where possible and avoid all “unnecessary travel”. Unfortunately, this means that the dog-friendly holiday you were looking forward to might be off the cards for the forese…read more

Published 1st Apr 2020
Coronavirus With Dogs

Caring for Your Dog During the Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s a challenging time for everyone as we try to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak. But the crisis has raised a number of questions for us dog owners. Here are some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves recently. Hopefully, this information will help wit…read more

Published 27th Mar 2020

Cornwall's Dog Ban - What's Changing?

Cornwall council have announced the new rules regarding cornwall’s dog ban. The new restrictions come into effect this year and will implement a more cohesive and simple policy operating across the county. After consulting the county’s dog owners and holidaymakers in 20…read more

Published 11th Mar 2020
dog friendly destinations in Norfolk

10 Must-See Dog-Friendly Destinations in Norfolk

Norfolk is a fantastic dog-friendly holiday destination. With its beautiful beaches, wonderful waterways, fantastic forests and first-class tourist attractions, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do with your pooch during your time away in norfolk. To help you ma…read more

Published 24th Feb 2020

Romantic Date Ideas for Couples with Dogs

Dating as a dog owner comes with its struggles. Finding a partner who loves your pups as much as you is surely an impossible task! There’s the added logistics of finding friends to look after your dogs while you go on dates and meet new people but never fear! Valentine’…read more

Published 31st Jan 2020