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Exploring Plymbridge Woods, Devon

It’s been pretty wet and miserable so far this year, which makes you reluctant to want to go out and explore new walks. I recently made the most of a gap in the storms to explore Plymbridge Woods in Devon with my dogs.

Plymbridge Woods lies in the Plym Valley, on the outskirts of Plymouth in Devon. There are plenty of gentle routes to explore within the woods, with plenty to see and do along the way. Plymbridge Woods is owned by the National Trust and there’s plenty of free parking available in 3 different car parks.


Plymbridge Woods, Devon | Dog Friendly Retreats


We chose to walk part of the Plym Valley trail, which follows the disused Tavistock Line railway. It’s a beautiful route, passing along the river, over viaducts and deep into the woods. You could easily walk for hours and hours on end in Plymbridge Woods. In fact, if you keep walking, you’ll eventually end up on Dartmoor National Park!


The main trail path is made of tarmac and is very well maintained. The tracks are wide, there’s more than enough room to walk here with multiple dogs. We’ve seen plenty of families out enjoying the route with small children too. It’s a popular route for cyclists too, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, as they can seemingly appear from nowhere. It’s a great route to try canicross on and the Plym Valley hosts its own Parkrun events at weekends.


Plymbridge Woods, Devon | Dog Friendly Retreats


Plymbridge Woods is an oasis for wildlife. There’s a wide variety of habitats here, including open meadows, ancient woodlands and of course the riverbed. We were lucky enough to spot two Kingfishers while we were out exploring. They were fishing along one of the flooded streams, diving into the water. I’ve always wanted to see a Kingfisher in the wild, it was a truly magical experience.


You’ll also pass several old quarries en route, with industrial archaeological remains slowly being reclaimed by nature. Peregrine Falcons breed in one of the old quarry faces and the National Trust erect a viewing platform on Cann Viaduct between March and early summer each year.


Plymbridge Woods, Devon | Dog Friendly Retreats


Woody and Hen had a great time exploring by the river. They discovered a weir and had a great time playing in the water. There were plenty of squirrels to bark at in the trees and they somehow managed not to stray too far. We bumped into plenty of other dogs while we were out but there are also a few quieter routes you can take if you prefer.


We highly recommend visiting Plymbridge Woods, it’s such a diverse place to walk. You wouldn’t think such an incredible natural space was so close to one of the South West’s biggest cities. It’s a great place to visit with family and friends or for a quiet afternoon walk alone. We’re by no means experts of the trails here yet but I look forward to returning to explore more of soon!


Plymbridge Woods, Devon | Dog Friendly Retreats


Have you visited Plymbridge Woods before? Where’s your favourite woodland walk in Devon?


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