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How to be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner

We’re all too aware of the devastating impact our modern day lifestyles is having on the planet. There are so many ways we can reduce our impact as humans but what can we do to become a more eco friendly dog owner?


Shop Secondhand

Shopping secondhand is a great way to reduce our consumption and dependence on fast, disposable products. While dog products aren’t always available in high street charity shops, website such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay offer a much wider variety of choice.


Shopping secondhand is often cheaper than buying products new. So not only are you being a more eco friendly dog owner, you’re saving money too. You’ll be amazed how many big dog brands are available secondhand. Sellers are often willing to post items too, so it’s always worth doing a wider search.


How to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner | Dog Friendly Retreats


Walk Locally

The transportation industry is one of the most polluting to our planet. Yet, it’s so convenient. It can be tempting to jump in the car and drive to your local dog walking hotspot but when was the last time you explored somewhere solely by foot? Switching up your daily routes not only helps keep your dog active and engaged with you, it helps reduce your carbon footprint too.


Staycations are another great way to reduce your carbon footprint. There are so many dog-friendly places to stay and explore in the UK. Woody, Hen and I recently returned from a mammoth hiking holiday, where we tackled a 125 mile hike of the Cornish Coast Path. We can’t wait to return to our adventure next year to complete the whole 300 mile path.


How to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner | Dog Friendly Retreats



Support Small Businesses

Owning a dog naturally comes with its own expenses. From food and treats to bowls, beds and toys, the totals soon add up! One way to be a more eco friendly dog owner is to think through your purchases before you make them, to try and find the most sustainable option available. Supporting small businesses, especially ones local to you, is a great way to reduce your impact as a consumer.


Typically small businesses are run by individuals who live locally. Their products are often handmade at home and produced in small batches. Not only does this mean each item is unique, it also helps reduce waste as products are made to order. Purchasing from businesses like these helps support the local community too. Your money goes directly to supporting the family behind the brand, rather than to a big multi-national corporation.


How to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner | Dog Friendly Retreats


Beach Clean and Litter Pick

Plastic pollution is a huge problem. Living by the sea, we witness the consequences on a near daily basis. I’ve taken to beach cleaning whenever I can to try and do my bit to help. Beautiful dog-friendly beach locations such as Devon, Suffolk and Norfolk deserve to be protected. The dogs enjoy running around and exploring, while I fill my bag with rubbish. Everything I collect is disposed of properly when we get home. It’s shocking how much waste gets washed up by the tides, especially after winter storms.


You don’t have to live by the sea to help either. Litter picking wherever you walk will help prevent plastics finding itself in our oceans. Two thirds of plastic pollution originates from land based sources. Picking up litter from your local park, woodland or even off the streets will help reduce its impact on our environment.


How to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner | Dog Friendly Retreats
How to Be an Eco Friendly Dog Owner | Dog Friendly Retreats


How are you becoming a more eco friendly dog owner? Let us know your tips in the comments.


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