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How to Make Dog Walks More Fun

Dog walks can easily become a chore. When the weather’s not great and our schedules are super busy, the last thing we want to do is put on our waterproofs and traipse around the local park. Nevertheless, it’s our responsibility as owners to ensure our dogs are adequately exercised and I’m always looking for ways to make dog walks more fun. We thought we’d share some of our favourite ideas!


Explore Somewhere New

It’s easy to get caught up in the same day-to-day routine, particularly when it comes to walking your dog. We settle for the same local routes because they’re easy to get to and we know the way, however they soon become less than inspiring!


I try to change up our routes every few weeks or so to keep both the dogs and I on our toes. It doesn’t always have to be somewhere super fancy either. Even choosing a new path in a familiar place will give your walk a new sense of adventure. You could even try exploring the same place at different times. You’ll be surprised how much a location changes through the day.



Treasure Hunts and Geocaching

Treasure hunts are a great way to encourage children to interact with their natural environment. It’s also fantastic for dogs, as it engages their senses and instincts in new ways. Hide treats or toys along your walk while your dog isn’t looking and challenge them to sniff them out as you go.


There are all sorts of things you can hunt for while out walking with your dog. Bugs, sea glass and even plastics are abundant in most dog friendly locations. You could even try Geocaching, which is a worldwide treasure hunt. Caches are mapped via the app, which is free to download on most phones. It’s a lovely family friendly activity and a great tool to use when exploring new places.



Picnics and Scatter Feeding

Nothing quite beats packing up a picnic and heading out to the woods with the family. Whether you go all out with different courses, or just pack a few snacks to enjoy along the way, food helps everyone bond, even your dog.


Woody and Hen love eating their meals al fresco. I scatter their usual meal along the beach or in the woods for them to sniff out. A breathtaking view is always an added bonus. It takes them longer to find their food this way and they love it, their tails are constantly wagging as they go. It gives me time to tuck into my sandwich and enjoy cup of tea in peace too.



Walk with Friends

I love using my daily dog walks as a way of catching up and socialising with friends. It’s something I look forward to most days and it’s always a bonus when our walks end at a local cafĂ© or pub! The dogs enjoy seeing their friends too and it’s lovely watching them run around and explore together.


I’ve also taken Woody and Hen walking with local groups in the past. These tend to be held at weekends and are longer routes but quite often they’re free to attend. It’s a lovely way to get out and about, meet new people and make our dog walks way more fun.



How do you like to make dog walks more fun? Do you like to switch things up every so often?


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