How to Save Money on a Holiday With Your Dog 

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With the rising cost of living you might be thinking of shelving your travel plans for 2023. However, if you opt for a staycation with the dog, ditching the expense of overseas travel and kennel costs, it’s possible to enjoy a dog-friendly holiday that’s good for the pocket and for the planet. 

Here are our top tips on how to enjoy a holiday with your dog without breaking the bank.

Holiday Closer to Home

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It’s no surprise that #microadventure has become such a popular hashtag. After all, you don’t have to travel far from your backyard to step into some incredible scenery made for adventures with your dog. Whether you’ve got a penchant for the coast or countryside, waterfalls or water sports, pick a location that’s easy to get to and cut down your travel costs. Whether you’re ten miles or ten hours from home, you can kick into holiday mode and set foot and paw in some new and exciting locations. And the closer your holiday is to home, the more you reduce your carbon footprint. The maximum driving distance function in our search tool makes it easy to find holiday accommodation within a number of hours from a given postcode.

Explore by Bus, Train, On Foot and By Bike

Using public transport and exploring under your own steam saves huge amounts on fuel, and it’s also better for the planet. So, before you start the engine to head off on a dog-friendly day trip from your holiday home, check the bus and train timetables, and seek out local hiking and cycling trails instead of driving to see the sights. Your dog will appreciate the extra leg work and you’ll see much more of a destination at the slower pace of freewheeling and walking.  

Eat in at your Self Catering Accommodation 

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We know it’s tempting to eat out while you’re on holiday, and there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants serving fantastic food across the UK. However, why not make the most of the mod cons and kitchen facilities at your dog-friendly cottage? All of our properties are decked out with everything you need to conjure up a culinary feast in the comfort of your home away from home – which is a great excuse to stock up on local and seasonal ingredients and cook in. While your bank balance enjoys huge savings on restaurant bills, you can also enjoy the ease of staying in with your four-legged friend and flopping on the sofa for a post-dinner snooze. 

Save on Kennels and Dog Sitters

Holidaying with your dog in the UK not only means you get to take your four-legged friend on your adventures, but it also saves plenty of pennies on kennels and dog sitters. Plus you don’t have the worry of leaving your hound in the hands of a stranger, or missing your four-legged friend on your adventures. When you stay in a pet-friendly pad, there’s no hidden cost for bringing your four-legged friends, and everything you need to make the dog feel at home. 

Find Discounts on Dog Friendly Days Out

Dog at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland
Dog at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

Before you head off on days out from your holiday cottage, sniff out free attractions or scour online for discounts on local dog-friendly things to do. Either search by the name of the attraction and look out for seasonal discounts, or check out sites like YourDog for places offering discounts on dog-friendly days out throughout the UK.

Find Great Value Dog Friendly Accommodation 

A dog-friendly getaway doesn’t need to break the bank – in fact we’ve got availability in an array of paw-fect pads for less than £500 per week this winter. Check out our selection of great value Dog Friendly Retreats where you can take waggy-tailed walks, make paw prints on the beach and ramble across rolling countryside. Whatever your pace or preference for adventure, check out our collection of pet-friendly accommodation in stunning locations around the UK. 

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