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Romantic Date Ideas for Couples with Dogs

Dating as a dog owner comes with its struggles. Finding a partner who loves your pups as much as you is surely an impossible task! There’s the added logistics of finding friends to look after your dogs while you go on dates and meet new people but never fear! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we though we’d share some of our favourite date ideas for couples with dogs.

A Cosy Pub Walk

What better way to end a walk than with a pint and lunch at a local pub? We’re spoilt for choice too, as there are plenty of dog friendly pubs across Cornwall and the UK. Many of them are located close to breathtaking walks and beaches too.


Walking to and from the pub not only gives your adventure a sense of purpose, it also provides time and space to really get to know each other. Your dogs will have a fantastic time exploring new places too. You could even use the pub as an opportunity to practice key skills with your dog, like settling quietly under the table.


Cosy Pub Walk | Dog Friendly Retreats
Romantic Date Ideas for Couples with Dogs | Dog Friendly Retreats


A Romantic Weekend Getaway

A weekend staycation is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Particularly if you’ve been with your partner for a while. Dog Friendly Retreats have a wide variety of properties suitable for couples. Many of our properties feature wood burners in the living room and hot tubs outside, for an added touch of luxury while you’re away. There is a wide choice of availability in wonderful locations nationwide including romantic cottages in Northumberland and hideaway holiday homes in Devon.


This is also a great date idea for couples with nervous dogs, who may be too overwhelmed out in public. Dog friendly facilities such as secure, enclosed gardens are easy to search for, thanks to our handy filters on the Dog Friendly Retreats website!


Romantic Date Ideas for Couples with Dogs | Dog Friendly Retreats
Romantic Date Ideas for Couples with Dogs | Dog Friendly Retreats


A Picnic at the Beach

With Spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pack up a picnic and head to the beach. Seasonal dog ban restrictions aren’t enforced in the UK until later in the year, so why not make the most of the freedom?


Picnics at the beach are also a great choice for couples with children, as they’re family friendly. Simply pack a bag full of everyone’s favourite foods, as well as the buckets and spades and enjoy a day out together. Remember to pack some of your dog’s favourite toys too, so they’re entertained. Otherwise they might try to sneakily steal your sandwiches when you’re not looking!



A Coast Path Hike

The coast path is a great place to explore with your dogs any time of year. Hiking is a great way to exercise your dogs while exploring somewhere new. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get out in the fresh air and spend time enjoying the outdoors as a couple.


Remember to keep your dog on lead near exposed cliffs. The coast path passes close to plenty of cliff edges, many of which are unfenced. The RNLI is called out rescue dogs that have fallen off the coast path every year. Sadly not all of them make it back safely to their owners.



Watch a Sunset Together

Is there anything more romantic than cuddling up to watch the sunset together? While the days are slowly getting longer, it’s a great time to head outdoors in the early evening to catch the last of the light. Be sure to pick a clear day to make the most of the stunning pink, mauve and golden hues.


Clifftops, mountains and beaches spring to mind but there are plenty of urban locations that make great sunset spots too. You could even combine this date idea with a pub walk, picnic or hike to really make the most of the time you have together.


Romantic Date Ideas for Couples with Dogs | Dog Friendly Retreats
Watch a Sunset Together | Dog Friendly Retreats


What are your favourite date ideas for couples with dogs? Let us know in the comments!


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