The Best Dates to Book a Dog Friendly Escape

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Our new search functionality on site means you can search within a really broad date range when you’re working out when is best in the year to book your pet friendly holiday. Alongside your own availability it’s always good to consider all the external factors when searching. We have put together our Top 5 factors to bear in mind thinking about when to book this year.


We are still seeing a huge rise in demand for UK properties. Since the ‘Staycation’ boom and on going uncertainty about international travel there has never been so much demand for UK properties. This means many more properties are getting booked up further in advance than ever before. We recommend using our BROAD DATE RANGE feature to gauge when there is best availability and pricing if you can be flexible on your dates. Last minute breaks are great but often come with less choice and a more optimum price tag. 


There are always masterminds who always manage to book out maximum holiday breaks out of the office by cleverly booking the days out around bank holidays whilst not using many of their annual leave days. We have created a simple guide to optimising your annual leave around the public holidays and turning 26 days annual leave into a run of 62!


February and March have opportunities for tactical booking and January is long gone but April is looking good.

In April you can take eight days of annual leave to get 16 days off.

Taking four days off before the Good Friday bank holiday, from 11th-14th April and the week after the Easter bank holiday, 19-22nd, you will get a total run of  16 days off (9-24 April) for only 8 annual leave days.


May 2 is another bank holiday so by taking the next four days off, you get another nine days off work in a stretch.


In June 2022 we see the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee giving most of us Thursday 2 June and Friday 3 June as bank holidays. By taking the three days prior off, 30th May – 1st June, you’ll have nine whole days out of the office.


The bank holiday on 29 August allows you to take another nine days off for the price of four, by taking the week 30th August – 2nd September.


December is the peak of tactical booking to maximise festive fun. By booking out  three annual leave days you can take 10 days off over the festive week.

As Christmas this year is on a Sunday, the bank holidays are on Monday 26 December and Tuesday 27 December. By booking 28-30 December off you can get 10 days off consecutive (24 December – 2nd January 2023).


It’s not always possible for families to avoid but the school holidays are always peak booking windows. We suggest if you are heading away during the school holidays you maximise your search by using our broad date range by checking further into the future for better availability and price range etc. UK residents who travel outside of peak seasons can save an average of £112.39 per trip.

Christmas and peak Summer months (May – July) are also some of our busiest and most booked in advance so be sure to use a wide date range to find a slot in your top pick property that works for you. 


Our new broader date range tool will also make it easier to see pockets of availability for your favourite properties at times of the year you may not have considered previously that avoid some of the peak patches for booking i.e it might be that a great property has loads of availability in Easter if it’s fully booked for summer etc. 


We always try and keep you updated via email updates and social posts on our latest availability for the month and also some high availability moments in the calendar we spot so you’re always abreast of the best picks for some last minute availability. 

Alongside all our tips above our new site features make searching across a broad date spectrum that much easier so give it a go and see if you can find the ideal dates for your paw-fect stay. 

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