Top Tips for Travelling with Dogs This Christmas

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The holiday season is always best celebrated with friends and family. Nothing quite beats catching up over mulled wine and plenty of mince pies. We thought we’d share our top tips for travelling with dogs this Christmas, so your four-legged friends can join in with the festivities!



Choose Dog Friendly Accommodation

First and foremost, it’s important to check your planned accommodation over Christmas is dog friendly. While plenty of hotels allow dogs, there are often plenty of rules they must adhere to. We much prefer self-catered accommodation, as it’s more homely and the dogs have more space to relax. You can also tailor your accommodation to best suit your needs, whether that’s a secure garden, dog friendly furniture or places that accept multiple dogs.


There are still plenty of dog friendly cottages and holiday accommodation available this Christmas. These include self-catering accommodation in dog-friendly destinations across the UK, including holiday hotspots such as Devon, Norfolk and Northumberland.


Travel Safely to Your Destination

Whether by using a crate, dog guard or pet seatbelt, all dogs must be properly secured when travelling by car in the UK. Unrestrained dogs can cause distractions, as well as harm to the animal if they’re unfortunately involved in a road traffic collision.


If you’re planning to travel in the car for long distances, be sure to walk your dog before you leave. Giving them plenty of exercise beforehand will make them tired, leaving them more relaxed when you drive. Don’t forget to stop frequently for toilet and water breaks too. Service stations in the UK often have designated dog walking areas.



Check Identification is Up to Date

Dogs must also always wear an up to date ID tag, complete with your address and emergency contact information. It’s important to check your dog’s tag is up to date before you travel, just in case they get lost or worse, stolen, while you’re away.


It may also be worth creating a temporary tag for your dog. Particularly if you’re away for a longer period of time. You can add your holiday accommodation’s address to the tag, as well as your own. This will help reunite you quicker if something did unfortunately happen.



Provide a Safe Space

Things can get hectic around Christmas time, particularly if you’re celebrating with family and friends. Excitable children and large crowds of unfamiliar people can be scary for dogs, particularly at this time of year. There are plenty of unexpected noises and unfamiliar smells too that could easily make your dog feel nervous.


Be sure to provide your dog with a safe space they can retreat to if they’re feeling overwhelmed. If your dog is crate trained, bring it along with you and turn it into a cosy den. You can also set up their favourite basket or bed in a separate room. Leaving the door open so your dog can enter and leave as they wish.



Keep Gifts and Snacks Out of Reach

Dogs’ noses land them into all sorts of trouble, particularly around Christmas time. Many of our favourite treats, such as chocolates, Christmas puddings and mince pies can be dangerous and even deadly if consumed by our four-legged friends. Be sure to keep food well out of reach of dogs while you’re away. You don’t want them gobbling up your roast dinner before you’ve had the chance.


The same goes for presents too. As lovely as they look underneath the tree, you may want to store them somewhere safer until Christmas Day. Dogs’ noses are incredible. They can easily smell through wrapping paper and they think ripping it all up is a fantastic game!


Where will you be travelling with dogs this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!


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