Why Choose a Dog Friendly Holiday?

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Nothing quite beats bringing your dog on holiday with you. It can be cheaper and less stressful than organising kennels or boarding while you’re away. It also saves the worry of leaving your dog behind. You’ll always know what they’re up to if they’re by your side! There are also so many opportunities to make amazing memories together, which is what dog ownership is all about, right?


Exploring Walks Together

Dog friendly holidays are the perfect way to spend more time in nature. Whether it’s a relaxing day at the beach, or full on mountain hike, there’s nothing quite like a pair of puppy dog eyes to inspire you to spend more time outdoors. Choosing a dog friendly holiday is also a great way to shake up your usual routine. Swapping city streets for rural footpaths provides a whole new environment for you and your dog to explore. Scenic views and plenty of enriching scents are guaranteed to keep you both occupied as you adventure.




Socialising with Different Dogs

Choosing a dog friendly holiday is a great way for you to meet new dogs and their owners. Regular socialisation is important for your dog’s health and overall wellbeing. Dogs love learning from one another and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with different breeds, ages and temperaments when out on walks. Chatting with owners while your dogs play is likely to uncover new walks and dog friendly things to do while you’re away. Nothing beats a little local knowledge!




Sharing New Experiences

We all have a list of activities we’d love to try with our dogs. A dog friendly holiday is the perfect time to give them a go. From your first hike or swim to kayaking, canicross and doga, with time on your side there’s plenty of opportunity to create amazing memories together. Dog friendly activities are as popular as ever, with plenty of local businesses providing classes and taster sessions for you to try. What dog friendly activities will you be adding to your next itinerary?




Training Opportunities Away From Home

There’s nowhere better to practice good manners than on a dog friendly holiday. It’s the perfect time to put all your training into action!  Dog friendly days out with the family provide the ultimate test for your dog. Walks are perfect for recall and loose lead work, while pubs and restaurants are great places to practice good manners and impulse control. All these new experiences will build confidence and trust in both you and your dog. Watching your dog learn new skills is so rewarding, you’ll be so proud watching them succeed!




What do you enjoy about dog friendly holidays? What are your top tips for a perfect dog friendly trip?

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