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Experience More in Pembrokeshire With Your Dog

If you want to get a taste of the Welsh seaside, there’s no better place to go than Pembrokeshire. The breathtaking combination of historic and modern attractions means that you and your dog have an almost endless amount of sights to see after relaxing in one of the county’s many pet-friendly holiday homes.

Located in the southwestern region of Wales, Pembrokeshire is home to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park – the only park to be given that distinction in the whole United Kingdom. Since this national treasure spans approximately a third of the county, your self-service holiday home can serve as your base camp when you want to explore the rolling greens of the Preseli Hills in the north. It could also serve as such when you want to attempt to trek the Pembrokeshire Coast Path that runs 186 miles along the entirety of the park.

A visit to the Welsh county is also perfect for those who want to soak up the sun, as Pembrokeshire’s beaches have won a number of accolades over the years. Animal lovers are in for a treat here as well, as various forms of wildlife are featured in the region’s many farms, parks, and sanctuaries.

Pembrokeshire is the perfect destination for your next European holiday. There are a couple of key destinations to visit should you go here. You can pay a visit to St. Davids, known for its historic cathedral as well as for being the UK’s smallest city – in terms of its total land area and the number of people that reside there – since 1994. You can spend time in the cities of Pembroke and Carmarthen, specifically in the town of Abergwili, if you’re a history buff, or to the town of Tenby if you want to flaunt your beach-ready body.

You can stay at a nearby pet-friendly vacation home then pay a visit to landmarks such as the Pembroke Castle – the towering citadel where Henry VII was born. If you want something more of this time, then the thrill-inducing rides of Oakwood Theme Park may pique your interest.

Amazing Accommodations For You and Your Dog

You can expect a healthy dose of hospitality when you and your furry friend pay a visit to Pembrokeshire. This is due to the fact that for a lot of these housing establishments, the same set of people have been running them for years on end now. They treat each and every one of their guests as if they were family. The best part is, it’s not that expensive for you and your beloved dog to stay in even the top-rated vacation homes in and around the area. You can even come and go from these lodgings, as you desire.

Book a Dog Friendly Cottage in Pemrokeshire

Book your Pembrokeshire holiday now! It’s going to be nothing short of unforgettable. Both you and your four-legged friend won’t regret it a single bit. The pet-friendly accommodations in this beautiful county in Wales go above and beyond to make your pooch feel as welcome as they can.

Dog friendly holiday homes in Pembrokeshire.
Pembrokeshire is perfect for tiring out dogs.
Coastal scenery in Pembrokeshire.
Beautiful coastal scenery to discover in Pembrokeshire.
Tenby holiday town in Pembrokeshire
Discover picturesque coastal towns such as Tenby with your four-legged friend.
Dog-walking in Pembrokeshire.
Enjoy long walks with your dog through Pembrokeshire's forests.