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Booking Terms

These Booking Terms apply to any holiday booking made via (“our website”).

If you make a booking of a holiday property (“property”) listed on our website, you will form a contract with the property owner (“owner”), who may be represented by a letting agent (“agent”). During the process of making an online booking on our website, you will be required to agree to any Terms and Conditions belonging to the owner or agent, which govern the contract. We have no control over these terms. If you make a booking following communications with a property owner or agent we strongly recommend ensuring you receive a copy of their Terms and Conditions by email or letter.

Our website is a portal/advertising website and does not act as an agent for any property listed. We list properties on behalf of many different owners and agents, bringing them into one useful place. We provide users with tools for searching through properties and facilitate communication between guests and owners or agents.

Owners may pay an annual fee for listing a property on our website. We also have arrangements with some agents whereby we are rewarded for bringing bookings to them. In both cases, we do not add any additional booking fees and the prices shown come directly from the owner or agent.

Booking Enquiries

To help users communicate easily with owners and agents, we provide an email enquiry form for some properties. Information provided in this form, including the user’s contact details, is sent automatically to the relevant owner or agent. The owner or agent will thereafter communicate directly with the user. For some properties, we will display a telephone number for the owner or agent and/or a link to their own website.

Provisional Bookings

For some properties, we provide an online booking form which allows users to place a provisional booking. Once the booking is placed, it will soon after be followed up by the property’s owner or agent who will complete the booking process, including taking any required payments for the booking. Again, we do not add any additional booking fees to bookings and the contract is between the guest and owner or agent of the property. Whilst pricing shown on our website should be up-to-date and accurate, the owner or agent has complete discretion over their pricing. As part of the booking process, the user will need to agree to the owner or agent's booking terms.

Property Suitability for Pets

Each property profile on our website clearly indicates the number of dogs permitted to stay at the property. A property’s description may also offer further clarification as to the suitability of particular dog breeds or sizes. For some properties, the property information is collected via a data connection between the owner or agent’s booking system and our website. We strongly recommend checking the property’s suitability for the number, breed and ages of all dogs that will be attending with the owner or agent before making a booking.

Property Feature Stamps

We award 'stamps' to selected properties based on relevant criteria. These show on property profiles and can be used to filter search results. Whilst they are carefully assigned, they are based on our limited view of a property's information, such as its details and photos or, in other cases, geographic data and must not be relied upon before making a booking. We strongly recommend conducting your own independent research to verify property details that are particularly important to you.

If you have any questions about these Booking Terms, the practices of our website, or your dealings with us, please contact us.