Essential Gear to Keep Your Dog Warm this Autumn

Dog in jumper to keep warm

A peaceful interlude between the rush of summer and the arrival of winter, autumn is one of the best times of year to get out and about with your dog – especially if you have all the right gear at hand and paw. From sea to forest, moor to mountain, there are all kinds of beautiful places that you can explore together, enjoying the blessing of fewer crowds and incredible landscapes washed with amber and bronze. 

So that you can make the most of this bewitching time of year, we’ve put together a list of all the essential gear to keep your dog warm and happy this autumn – from the best waterproof coats to keep your pup cosy to reflective jackets to keep them safe.

Rain Jackets

Yellow raincoat for dogs
Image courtesy of Hugo & Hudson

As the trees don their amber cloaks and the nights draw in, the cinnamon-spiced scents of autumn beckon us into a new season. And with this magical season often comes… rain. While for some dogs this isn’t a problem, many breeds benefit from wet weather protection. Depending on your dog’s needs, you can provide them with some quality waterproof layering – opting for something pared-back and practical like Rukka’s eco raincoat or fetching and efficient like Hugo & Hudson’s yellow raincoat

Dog Fleeces

Dog fleece for cooler autumn days
Image courtesy of Trespaws

If you have an older dog or a breed that’s prone to feeling the cold (like whippets, French bulldogs and boxers), then a fleece jacket could be the perfect autumn addition for your pooch. As temperatures dip – particularly in the early morning and late evening – you can wrap up your four-legged bundle and head out ready to face the cool unperturbed. While there are lots of great brands to choose from, Trespaws offer a particularly sought-after range of dog fleeces, each designed to provide warmth and comfort whilst still enabling plenty of mobility. 

Dog Wetsuits

Undercoat dog wetsuit for warmth in the water
Image courtesy of Ruffwear

Pawfect for every water-loving hound, doggy wetsuits make sure your dog stays warm when wallowing, even in the colder months. A real favourite, Ruffwear’s Undercoat dog wetsuit is designed with form-fitting laminated neoprene that helps to retain heat and keep your good boy or girl fully insulated. It also has patented StormSleeves™, which are specifically created to be super-soft and really stretchy so that your dog can run, play, splash and swim freely without their movements being hindered or restricted.

Doggy Dry Robes 

DryRobe for dogs
Image courtesy of Dry Robe

When the colder, soggier spells roll in, canines can often be seen being walked by their Dry Robe-clad humans. But did you know that you can actually buy a Dry Robe for your dog too? Coupling the brand’s unique synthetic lambswool inner layer with a tough waterproof and wind-resistant outer layer, this dog-friendly robe cuts no corners on quality. Standing up to even the most active dogs, they combine a dog towel, coat and drying robe into one practical piece – keeping your dog warm and dry during walkies and on the way home. 

Dog-Friendly Snoods

Dog snood for warmth outdoors
Image courtesy of DogRobes

Whether you’re out and about in the cool air or your four-legged chum needs some extra layers at home, a snood is a great way to provide some extra cosiness and warmth this autumn. Breeds like lurchers, greyhounds and whippets are particular fans of this autumnal accessory, with their long necks and slender frames sensitive to the cold. If you’re interested, DogRobes have a great range of snoods available in all sorts of eye-catching colours, while Freckles Designs Dog Coats have some fleece options for added comfort.  

Reflective Coats

Reflective dog coat
Image courtesy of Weatherbeeta

Reflective jackets are a great way to keep your dog safe, both helping you to keep an eye on where they are and allowing others to see them too. Especially useful in the shorter daylight hours of autumn, they let you head out and about safely, enjoying the crunch of leaves under foot and paw as you go. Spoilt for choice, you can opt for a reflective jacket with hi-vis piping like the EzyDog’s Element jacket, hi-vis straps like WeatherBeeta’s Comfitec parka or hi-vis panelling like Ruffwear’s Lumenglow reflective vest.

Towel and Drying Coats

Ruff & Tumble drying coats
Image courtesy of Ruffwear

The perfect pairing for soggy doggies, dog drying coats wrap your dog up in the cosiest of cocoons. Really useful when your dog has been playing in the water or has been caught in the rain, they can be used to both dry off your dog and keep them warm, as well as to protect your vehicle and home from any excess water and mud. Depending on your preference, you can choose from coats like Ruff & Tumble’s classic cotton drying coat or Ruffwear’s Dirtbag drying towel which has a waterproof shell and absorbent microfiber lining.

Portable Dog Beds

Waterproof dog blanket
Image courtesy of Big Ralph

Whether you’re out for walkies, in a dog-friendly pub or curled up at home, there’s nothing more handy than a portable dog bed. Giving your dog somewhere familiar and comfortable to settle down wherever you may be, these travel-sized beds are comfy without being cumbersome and can go with you anywhere. Receiving wagging tails of approval, Big Ralph has a padded waterproof dog blanket with a durable nylon buckle and anti-slip base, and Ruffwear has a portable dog pad with an accordion-fold and insulating synthetic foam. 

Get Out and About This Autumn

Wrap yourself and your dog up warm and head outdoors this autumn with a stay at one of our dog-friendly retreats scattered around the country. Begin your search for a holiday property and enjoy a wonderful time away with your dog.

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